Curated founder peer groups

Manage the unknown & get sh*t done

Tackle challenges alongside founders who get what you're going through. Because running a company is hard enough.
“I'm the only founder in my social circle, and no one understands how hard my job is or why I keep doing it. So besides getting great advice from Facet, it's nice to talk to other people who get it. Maybe we're all a little nuts.”
James M.

Facet is a private network & sounding board for first-time founders

Guide Decisions
You can't be an expert in everything. Solve problems and avoid mistakes that don't have to be made.
Manage the Unknown
This stuff is hard. Talk out your biggest challenges and find your way to a solution alongside likeminded founders.
Build Processes
Processes solve problems. Learn how others have implemented systems and scaled growth, then do it for your company.
About Facet

The peer advisory group for modern entrepreneurs

Used by creative thinkers from Ben Franklin to Sara Blakely, noncompetitive peer circles are proven to move you forward. Leverage collective experience  — it’s your feedback loop for any challenge.
Founder circles

Your core group of 5-7 fellow founders

Why you join Facet — uncover challenges with a diverse group of entrepreneurs. Meets twice each month for 90 minutes. Led by a facilitator.
Actionable workshops

Breakout sessions on specific topics

Dig into what's uncovered in your core group. Learn from experts in areas like sales, analytics, and hiring. Interactive weekly programming to level up.
Personalized connections

Curated introductions to helpful people

Meet other members and mentors relevant to your your specific industry and stage. We facilitate 1-on-1s based on your asks and challenges.

Who's it for?

Become the leader your company needs to grow and scale.

About You

  • First-time or early-stage founder
  • Domain expertise in something (software, email, a specific vertical, etc.)
  • Open-minded, low ego, and willing to share your experiences candidly

About Your Company

  • Consumer tech, SaaS, or DTC retail
  • Product in market and working towards product-market fit
  • Clear vision for growth, by bootstrapping or fundraising

Sound like you?

Let's meet. Apply to join.

Some of our expert mentors

Ali Kriegsman
Co-Founder, COO
Bulletin (raised $9M)
Topics: Culture, pivoting, fundraising
Sathish Naadimuthu
Founder, CEO
nf&co. (agency)
Topics: Growth, paid, conversion
Danny Groner
Director of Growth PR
Comcast Ventures
Topics: Growth PR, SEO
“It's super helpful to have a judgement-free zone to share challenges and hear how others - especially those with deep expertise - have sidestepped issues."
Brian K.
PB&J Studios
Community values

Rooted in mutual respect & trust

All founders are equals, no matter their background, industry, orientation, or circumstance.
  • Show up consistently
  • Communicate with candor
  • Share generously
  • No excessive pitching
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Treat all members with respect

How it works

  • Complete your application

    Share your goals, current stage, and communication style.
  • Schedule a video interview

    Share context so we can match you with the right group.
  • Meet your founder circle

    Receive your invitation and meet your fellow founders. Your first session is scheduled when you join.

We believe you don't need a guru to guide you

We wanted a more authentic, accessible and personal community to help us get to the next level. That's why we created Facet - for us and for you!

Rachel Charlesworth
Co-Founder, CEO
Kevin Ting
Co-Founder, COO

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“I love Facet because it's a space where I'm forced to ask people for help. I'm normally really bad at that."
Irene K.

Common questions

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